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    Frequently Asked Questions About Bonded ADSL

What level of management reporting do I get with my bonded ADSL connection?

When you get a bonded ADSL connection from Evolving Networks you get a whole lot more besides. Every bonded ADSL connection comes with access to our eView Live application as standard. This gives you unmatched visibility of your bonded ADSL connection. Each Evolving Networks customer and reseller has the ability to log in 24 hours a day and view the status of their bonded ADSL connection. But more than just being able to see that the bonded ADSL solution is up and running, data throughput – both upload and download – can be viewed in real time. This unmatched level of visibility of our bonded ADSL connections (and the sophisticated infrastructure that allows it) has been developed in house by Evolving Networks and is just one of the factors that separate us from mass market bonded ADSL offerings. The eView Live platform allows our customers to build bespoke reports of their bonded ADSL solution. Want to be sure that your bonded ADSL is operating at maximum efficiency 100% of the time? Want to be able to justify IT spend to senior management? Want to be able to report on bandwidth utilisation over your bonded ADSL link by day of the week, or hour of the day? If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes” then you need to speak to the leaders in the field of industrial strength bonded ADSL solutions, Evolving Networks.

What level of visibility do I get with my managed VPN?

The best possible visibility! Whether your network is a single site with bonded ADSL or a managed network of 50 sites, each and every Evolving Networks customer has access to our Enterprise Management Portal. This market leading application delivers total transparency to all our customers. Evolving Networks customers are able to see, at a glance, the status of all of the sites on their WAN. This is not just about a simple ping test delivering a live/dead response from a firewall on site. The Enterprise Management Portal allows you to drill down to the specific performance of each site. Customers can see live data transfer rates, bandwidth utilisation and network availability. As an ISP, Evolving Networks offers the most transparent managed service in the industry, and therefore delivers fast, proactive support. Your managed VPN can be delivered on single or bonded ADSL links, all point to point data will be routed through a private network rather than the internet and will deliver faster, more robust connectivity at a lower price point than leased line alternatives. If you are looking to cut costs on your managed network, or increase visibility, if you are looking for faster upload at each site, or if you simply want to experience great service, Evolving Networks are the only company to speak to.

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